Title:         Experimental Imaging - Giving space, objects and movement a shape
        3 days
Tools:       Camera, Tripod, Lights, Photoshop, Premiere Pro
Team:      Riccardo Cereser
Task:        Make The Invisible Visible
                   Show don`t tell. No big ideas, just making and exploring. 

Faculty:  Matt Cottam & Zaza Zuilhof


Project Description
We decided to find ways to control light in order to selectively reveal or emphasise specific aspects of reality. In order to do that we used long exposure shots and controlled light.

Light was controlled by lighting the scene with a crafted series of customised torches. We have run through several tests turning torches into spot lights and defining their shapes. 

For each scene we calculated the needed shutter speed, aperture and iso to obtain effective shots.
Furthermore, different ways of merging individual shots together into visual appealing animations have been explored. 

The idea of making invisible things visible in our case have been showed by defining spaces and objects shape and ergonomic characteristic by light.