Title:         Organ_Care
         6 month
Tools:        Research, Brainstorming, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Photoshop,
                      Modeling, Milling, 3D Printing, Problem Solving, Concept
                      Development, Storytelling
Team:        -
Task:          Diploma: Create a transportation box for organ donations that
decreases the risk of accidents and is stable enough to balance
                     out human mistakes


Faculty:    Prof. Frank Georg Zebner

Designinstitute for mobility and logistics


Project Description
What is Organ_Care?
Organ_Care is a transportation system for organ donations.
The shape of the organ transport system results from both: physical and structural reasons, as well as a semantically coherent arguments. In this case, the guaranteed protection of organs and isolation structure is paramount. An optimal combination of materiality, shape history and cutouts give it its characteristic appearance.

Organ_Care calls for a responsible approach to organ donation in order to regain lost trust and call the topic of organ donation awareness of the people.

The Process
Outlining the size of all organs in width and height, building different shapes of potential transportation boxes, form research on stability and respecting physical law were just some parts that I had to take into consideration during my design process. Building as many shapes with different balance points as well as adding weight to different parts mocking various materials helped me to test and refine the optimum form for stability,transportation comfort, communication with the surrounding and discovering the best form characteristics for the inner and outer needs.
The beginning of the design process outlines a heart, kidney and pancreas which plays a central role in finding the right size, shape and material for the transport system. For this process the outlines of the top and side view were essential.
As time is alway an issue when it comes to organ donation the placing of the organs should not be too strict, which is the reason why the outlines are not only layed on top of each other but are also mirrored.

In the inner core there is an aerogel isolation which enables minimization of the material thickness to 80% and makes the container smaller and lighter. In addition aerogel has the advantage of being able to act as a shock absorber. It is surrounded by a plastic shell , which allows sterilisation and inner structure protection. The aluminium subshell can by its specific formal expression , materiality and weight in the worst case of falling guarantee the container to emerge on the stable surface. The median protective element made of makrolon provides against bumps and by its rills allows hospital intern transportation.

Temperature Logger
A temperature logger on the inside of the transportation box transfers the measured inside temperature to a display. Inside temperature and remaining time to reach the final hospital are being displayed on the top side of the container. This allows the carrier to have an overview of relevant information and stay in control.
The transfer of data from the temperature logger to the display is thinkable via thermo sensors, bluetooth, RFID chips or induction.
The temperatur logger also contains of a USB connection, on which information from donor as well as recipient such as blood type, gen information, cause of death, earlier health issues, position of organs in the donor and meanderings from the norm are saved.

Carrying Construction
The organ box is transported in different ways depending on the destination and available time. It is being transported by train, airplane, helicopter, car or/and by foot. As different stages of the transfer require free use of hands it is important to safely carry the container around the shoulder.
The unique appearance of a free carried container is allowed due to a connection that adapts to the backside of the containers side elements. Following the rules of physics, the carrying construction is extremely secure and communicates its important content at the same time. The belt can be folded to a handle by simple layering the belt in a given order by magnets. This allows the carrier a variety of transportation options to improve his transportation comfort.