Title:        King`s Peak
        10 days
Tools:       Brainstorming, Storyboard, Screenflow, Illustrator, Photoshop, Storytelling
Team:      Alejandra Molina, Karan Chaitanya Mudgal, Line Birgitte
Task:        Create a concept for a mobile application that serves a single use case

Faculty: Frank Rausch, Timm Kekeritz




Project Description
Designed with the purpose of getting hiker's to the summit of this imagined mountain, the King's Peak application provides users with all necessary information to make their hike easier and safer than ever.
King's Peak is a supportive application that guides you through your whole hiking trip– from planning and finding the right trail that meets your personal expectations, to safely getting you back home from your personal summit. Not only does King's Peak provide users with curated routes and personal progress graphs, but it also allows our park rangers to provide you with specific updates on your trail or critical weather changes.

The Photo Gallery offers you a short overview with the most important information including trail name, difficulty level, nature views, short descriptions and estimated time for each trail.
To get additional information, view the trail, which supplies you with all relevant information to make sure it has taken care of your needs. Should the trail not fulfill your expectations just tap on another trail to decide which suits you best. Whenever you are ready, tap "start" to keep track of your location, time, distance walked and your altitude.

King's Peak also provides you with weather information and remaining time till sunset to make sure you will not end up setting up your tent in the dark or getting surprised by rain. Users can also access a topographic map to get information on the terrain of their surroundings.

My Role
My task during this project started with interviewing people who hike regularly to get to know which information is relevant for them and how they would use a hiking app. After we as a team created a concept I started drawing a storyboard including screens that would provide the hiker with information in certain situations. 
Afterwards I created a drawn wireframe followed by a screen flow. During the development of the screens I worked closely together with Karan and Alejandra designing multiple solutions for the main screen showing the progress.
The UI parts I developed are: the logo, the launching screen, the gallery and parts of the "progress-screen". 
Alejandra and myself finally created a clickthrough prototype and an animated prototype to show what the interaction would look like.