Title:         FoodMood - Video-Prototyping
        5 days
Tools:       Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Cameras
Team:      Vihanga Gore
Task:       Deliver a high fidelity video prototype with at least one digital touchpoint
                  Design a HOME COOKED MEAL SERVICE for PROFESSIONALS that promises to be

Faculty:  Adam Little & Elie Monge


Project Description
The first step is loving food.
As time is always an issue for professionals while a proper meal is important to stay healthy and efficient we decided to create a fast service which provides sliced ingredients of their favourite choice with suggested recipes. The  App offers you a different recipe daily including ingredients you have chosen as favourites to make sure your taste is taken care of. You may choose one of the suggested meals and decide if you want to pick them up or have them home delivered as well as if they should be sliced for you already or not.

The FoodMood Service gives people the flexibility to order fresh ingredients for a particular meal anywhere and at any time. Options, such as amount of money to spend, how much time you are willing to send on cooking and how many times a week allows them to fulfill individually set aims.

The service also engages professionals to track their health by a personalised nutrition circle which improves their diet.

The Process
This project was the first workshop at CIID and its topic was video-prototyping, as it is a tool that will be needed for every project at CIID. As a digital touchpoint was requested it was not only the first time I shot a video, but also the first time I did interface design. 
We started our process with brainstorming around how we could create the requested service, followed by creating a persona, a storyboard and deciding on a place to shoot the video. After shooting the video our Premiere Pro skills were requested, which I had not worked with before either, but found easy to work with.

My Role
During this project I creating and defining the concept around a loose idea of helping professionals to eat healthier during busy periods. My task was also to create matching screens for an app as well as the computer.