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Personalized Encyclopedia

Graphic inside each themed volume.

Themed volume: Art, Music and Culture.

Title:         Encyclopedia 2.0
         3 month
Tools:        Research, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Photoshop, Modeling, Concept
Team:        -
Task:          Design an analog Encyclopedia for the future of Brockhaus

Faculty:    Prof. Peter Eckart
Cooperation: Brockhaus & wissenmedia

Project Description
Encyclopedia 2.0
is an exploration of how the highly cross linked web could be adapted to an analog encyclopedia. Whenever we look up a word or definition we get the choice out of a wide range of providers and a multilayer definition. It clearly communicates to us, that there is a wide spectrum of connections that can be explored either more on the surface or in detail. Knowledge is not only a status, but also mirrors each persons interest's in a conversation. We constantly widen our knowledge around topics we are interested in, not only online, but also by buying books, that allow us to widen our knowledge in different subjects.
I asked myself how an analog encyclopedia could adapt the way the web works when we look up words. I explored different concepts beginning with how an encyclopedia could be extended by knowledge we collect in different ways, such as magazines, the newspaper, traveling, etc. 

The final outcome is an analog encyclopedia that allows you to personalize a standardized encyclopedia by ordering themed volumes due to your individual interests.

Knowledge is a high grade cross-linked system, because every definition is connected with main- and sub-themes. The first book is the general volume functioning as an index which includes all keywords of all themed books; it only refers to a multilayer definition of terms by themes. All themed books are physically and visually connected to the general volume by a red line. Only the complete set of the standard encyclopedia allows a connection of all volumes, not only to the general volume, but also to each themed volume. 
The red line continues in the interior of the cover page and thereby provides a graphic which refers to specialised topics. The user can take a look at which other themes Brockhaus offers more detailed editions to widen the standardized Encyclopedia to a personalized.  Each additional book ordered due to individual preference is embeded to the overall concept by the red line on the spine. The result is a personalised collection of knowledge. It gives the encyclopedia character and allows visitors to get an overview of the owners interests.