Title:         Body Craft - The Beekeeper Dress
        3 days
Tools:      Brainstorming, Storytelling, Modeling, Sewing, Photography
Team:      Kåre Magnus Solvag, Chelsey Wickmark
Task:        Imagine a future scenario and craft an on body solution

Faculty:  Amanda Parkes




Project Description:

The task of this workshop was to imagine a future scenario and develop an on the body solution for it. In our scenario the bee dying reached a critical dimension and as bees are essential for every life on earth we developed a beekeeper dress that would allow bees to live in urban cities as well as suburbs by nesting and working in a save and portable environment. Workers and bee queens share a home, decided by pipes.

The dress has been put together with different materials, such as fabrics, wood, acrylic and paper. The paper construction was the main part of our on body solution dress. It was been transformed from a sheet of paper into a 3-dimensional structure representing the honeycombs.