How can we make use of our own data?


DATA makes ART

We accumulate more and more data. What do we do with it? How do we stop it going into the digital equivalent of the cupboard under the stairs? How can we use data about consumption and sustainable living to influence decisions at home and integrate them into the fabric of our everyday life and homes?

Technology is everywhere and collecting data constantly. Not only outside, but also in our homes. How much anergy we use, how long our showers take, how many cups of coffee we have and how much toilet paper we use is no longer a secret. We provide data with every step we take and create a profile around our own person, our behaviours and values. Rather than collecting data just for the sake of it, the data should be accessible to the person that cares most: The information provider itself.

We see a great opportunity to allow people to evaluate their own data and learn from it to take responsibility for our common environment. Making the homeowner aware of his/her actions is and the effect on their environment is the first step to improvement. In the near future we will share our earth with a plurality and resources are not infinite, so we need to take action.

Imagine a painting in your home that reacts to your actions concerning natural resources and showing you the consequences of your action by change. An excessive use of resources will lead to a dry, dark and sad image, or just blurry out and is mirroring how you treat the environment. Do your best to create a beautiful art piece by a careful use of resources, which will light up your home as well as the environment you live in.