Where has the human connection gone?


Together with an event called "Welcoming Refugees in Copenhagen" at Slotsplads in front of the parliament expecting around 40.000 visitors I planned an event that would question were the human connection has gone. The idea was to let people find out by simply communicating through their eyes rather than talking. With the help of a couple of my student peers I was able to set up a place with 4 chairs, 2 blankets and signs in danish and englisch saying: "Where has the human connection gone?" and "Find out by sharing one minute of eye contact.". 

The three hours we performed at this huge event were a very unique experience with very special people sharing their feelings, emotions, thoughts and worries without words. Most of the participants stayed 3-7 minutes and took their time to look into the other persons soul as well as  reflecting on themselves. The reactions reached from collective smiles and laughter to tears and hugs, reaching out hands and turning the stranger into a confidant.

A week has passed by now and I am still caught in that moment which introduced myself into a new and fascinating way of communicating that I have hardly experienced so far. I am longing for a repeat.