Title:         Babybassinet
         3 month
Tools:        Research, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Photoshop, Modeling, 
                     Concept Development, Milling, Vacuum Forming, Sewing
Team:        -
Task:          Pre-Diploma

Faculty:    Prof. Petra Kellner





Project Description
The BABYBASSINET is constructed for airplanes. It can easily be build up and stowed away  by a folding-mechanism. The baby bassinet offers children up to 2 years of age a bed on board an airplane. This is not only for the comfort of the child but also a huge help and assistant for the person accompanying the child. Knowing that the baby is safe and comfortable is what matters most to the chaperon.

The bassinet is integrated in the dividing walls between the  cabin and the galley and can be unfolded when needed or stay flat against the wall. The round form reminds one of a nest and expresses safety and a feeling of security . The flexible baldachin protects the baby from noise, light and the un-known surrounding. The opening of the baldachin works as a connecting link between the baby and the mother at her seat - an intimate atmosphere is created. The form directs the child's attention to its mother. When the bassinet is open you associate its form with a nest, an egg or a shell which hids its treasures within and protects them. 

The Process
Seeing that I worked as a flight attendant I knew a lot about the current situation of baby bassinets and started the process by outlining where the baby bassinets are stored, how far the flight attendants need to walk to build up the baby bassinet and where to go to install it to the wall. This process is time consuming and looks very unprofessional, as the current baby bassinet was very unhandy and hard to deal with by yourself.

I brainstormed about the need of flight attendants, the airline company, parents and the babies and tried to find similarities or elements most parties would profit from.  I very quickly decided that for storage reasons as well as the building up process it would be very hand to have the bassinet attached to the wall. Not all bassinets are always in use and because everything needs to be stowed away for taxi, take-off and landing, I knew that I had to work with a folding mechanism to have the bassinet attached to a wall.

I quickly started thinking about different folding mechanisms and built several low fidelity prototypes to better understand how the baby bed needs to be folded to be stored away. I moved from a very flat sided bed and different folding structures to a more roundly formed one to find a suitable language of forms that communicate the most important feelings: trust and safety.